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Deccofelt is the leading West Coast adhesive coating, laminating, die cutting and slitting company, located near Los Angeles California. Since 1950, we have provided adhesive coating, laminating, die cutting and slitting for companies within California, across the nation, as well as, worldwide.

Adhesive Coatings

Deccofelt is the premier, direct hot melt adhesive coater on the West Coast. Adhesive backed materials are efficient, economical, and convenient, without environmental issues or messy sprays. Deccofelt specializes in applying adhesive coatings to foam, fabric, felt, film, cork, foils, and rubber materials. Adhesive types include: pressure sensitive, heat activated, moisture cure, rubber, acrylic, EVA, polyester, polyamide, urethane, and APO adhesive.

Our specialties include:

• Adhesive coating weights from 0.5 mil to 60 mil
• Coating capabilities up to 78” wide
• Material ranges from 1 mil to 2” thick
• Double coating materials
• Inline sling capabilities
• Specialty coatings: Spot, pattern, bead, breathable or 100% vapor barrier coatings or we can engineer a custom pattern print roll for your exact needs
• Laminate substrates back-to-back or add release liner for a peel and stick option.

Precast Adhesive Laminations

Deccofelt combines a variety of materials using multiple laminating processes. We help engineer and manufacture to your desired material requirements through the combination and availability of thousands of substrates and adhesive systems. Performance options include, but are not limited to moisture barriers, increased durability, thermo formable, desired flexibility (hand), non-skid, protection barriers, temperature extremes, and sound & thermal insulation.

Our capabilities include:

• Rubber, acrylic or heat activated adhesive, free film or supported.
• Up to 60” wide and between 1 mill up to 4” thick
• Roll or sheeted good
• Breathable or barrier coatings

Slitting, Die-Cutting, and Sheeting

Deccofelt can die-cut, slit, and sheet materials and laminates into a variety of shapes and sizes from ¼” diameters to larger and more intricate parts. Our rotary, steel rule, and clicker die presses customize your products to your specifications. Die-cut parts can be supplied with adhesive backing for “peel & stick” applications, or without adhesive. Parts may be designed aesthetically for visible use such as automotive sunshades, cork coasters, and cabinet doors, or geared primarily for performance, economics and labor efficiency for automotive and construction products such as sound & sealant gaskets and thermal insulation. Custom packaging is also offered for retail displays.

Our capabilities include:

• Our rotary, steel rule or clicker presses can customize your products to meet your specifications.
• Die-cut parts can be supplied without adhesive or with an adhesive backing for peel and stick or heat activated applications.
• Max die cut area: 42”x59”
• Can sheet materials up to 75” wide and lengths from 1/8” to 12’
• Available as individual parts or kiss-cut supplied on rolls
• Roll slitting up to 40” diameter
• Able to process materials up to 72” wide

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